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American Hackle Hen Capes - Premier Fly Tying Feathers

The feathers from the hen cape of the Whiting Farms American Hackle are some of the most broadly versatile tying feathers available. They have a greater density of web than any other hen hackle and typically the roundest tips. In addition the feathers are both long and broad with a more substantial quill and a velvety smooth, dense web. These characteristics are applicable to a myriad of fly tying realms, including:

  • Trout Flies Dry- dry fly wings, caddis wings, spinner wings, trico and thorax wings Wet- nymphs, wing cases, tailing and legs for stone flies, caddis flies, mayflies and attractors, pectoral fins for matuka and sculpin flies

  • Salmon and Steelhead Flies whole feather wings, body veiling, collars, palmered hackle, throats and sides

  • Bass Flies popper legs, crawdad and crab claws, divers, sculpins

    In addition some of the unique markings of the Whiting Farms American Hackle feathers, such as the black laced white, provide unique pattern possibilities for more distinctive flies. In a full wing application the black laced pattern accentuates shape and perimeter definition, while in a wrapped collar application adds a black tipped effect. Both applications, singly or in combination, contribute dramatically to the appearance of any fly. Try some and see.

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