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American Hackle Hen Saddles

The feathers from the hen saddle offer exceptionally high quality and often unique tying feathers. First of all they have greater density of web than any other type of hen saddle, creating an almost velvety texture with a solid silhouette. The generous breadth and length of the feathers provide greater size and density for those flies that demand it. Yet the quill is not overly large or stiff, and along with only modest taper, allows easy wrapping.

Combine these great tying attributes with an unequalled array of natural and expertly dyed colors and the versatility of the American hen saddle becomes almost limitless. In addition several novel color patterns have been genetically incorporated into this line of birds to offer unique highlighting and markings for your flies. In particular the black laced white, natural or when dyed, provides perimeter definition to the feathers or when wrapped adds black tips to the hackle collars. Separately or together these laced markings add dramatic accents to your flies and may inspire whole new fly patterns.

The range of fly types that these American Hackle hen saddles can be used for is very extensive. Just a few of the major applications include:
  • Salmon and Steelhead flies
  • Streamers
  • Skirts and tails on poppers
  • Matuka and Sculpin flies
  • Atlantic salmon flies
  • Saltwater flies
  • Wherever collars, legs, wings or beards are components of a fly pattern

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