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1027 Pounds, Aloha Lures Smash Bait

by Captain Erik Rusnak, A.K.A. "MERLIN"

ALOHA LURES are the successful result of twenty five years of big game fishing and applied design research. Design weights are balanced and will perform in a variety of fishing styles and a wide range of sea conditions. Each shape is finely tuned to represent a different swim pattern. Clear resin heads, almost indestructible, take on the color of the skirts. The flash of the mirrored inserts are highly visible and draw strikes from all predatory gamefish.

Super Ninja 9"  Head Only-45.00   Skirted-50.00   W/Wings-52.00

Super Ninja 7"   Head Only-35.00   Skirted-40.00   W/Wings-42.00

Super Ninja 6"   Head Only-30.00   Skirted-35.00   W/Wings-37.00

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4-Sided Mirror Panels over Starburst Foil
with a concave nose

Beauty 7" - #4   Skirt Size OC30

Med Beauty 9" - #5   Skirt Size OC50

Large Beauty 12" - #2   Skirt Size OC60

XL Beauty 14" - #6   Skirt Size OC70

7" Head Only - $45.00      7" Skirted - $50.00

9" Head Only - $50.00     9" Skirted - $60.00

12" Head Only - $60.00      12" Skirted - $70.00

14" Head Only - $80.00      14" Skirted - $95.00
In the wiggle and swim category, nothing beats a Beauty. Designed to run with a tight side-to-side motion this explosive swimmer will catch ono, mahi and those finicky marlin. Winner of thousands of dollars in Gulf tournaments and a star in the 2002 San Juan International, this is a proven competition winner. The Medium Beauty is one of my oldest and most reliable designs. This lure runs well in all sea conditions. My favorite position for the Beauty is short corner or short rigger. Available in five sizes(XS, S, M, L, XL). Capt Erik


Mistake Small 7" or Medium 9" Concave #4.5
4-Sided Chromatic Glass over Starburst Foil
Wherever you put the MISTAKE - the fish will find and catch it !   Skirt Size OC30
   Small Mistake Head Only - $45.00
Small Mistake - Skirted - $50.00
   Medium Mistake Head Only - $50.00
Medium Mistake Skirted - $60.00

The Mistake lure is one of my best lures of all time. The original Mistake was an accident. The shape is the same as the Small Beauty but the insert is pure magic. The special glass used in this piece is a fusion of color and light. It glows and swims like a healthy live bait. Out performs other lures of similar size. A perfect lure for anyone who wants to catch more fish. Capt Erik

Gully Boy

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Gully Boy 7"      Skirt Size OC27

   7" Gully Boy Head Only - $40.00      7" Skirted Gully Boy - $45.00


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SMASH BAIT 16" Slant #22
2-Sided Mirror  -  Silver Glit over Black (Top/Bottom)
Blue Marlin   Skirt Size OC70

16" Head Only - $80.00      16" Skirted Lure - $95.00

16" Head Only - $80.00      16" Skirted Lure - $95.00
The Smash Bait is the largest of the legendary tube designs, and has earned it's name in the blue waters of both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans with it's reputation for big fish. An aggressive bevel with softened rails and a slight forward taper, this shape creates some serious distress behind the boat. A fantastic teaser or hook rigged trolling bait for big fish. An estimated at 1400+lbs. marlin was hooked on the Smash Bait in the Azores last year by the crew of the Capri. Unfortunately, the fish escaped before capture and left with the lure. Rumor has it, there was great deal of cursing and drinking when all was lost. Capt Erik


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KONA MONGO 16" Concave #23
4-Sided Mirror over Holograph Foil
All Weather, Heavy Tackle Marlin Lure
Skirt Size OC70
   Head Only - $80.00      Skirted Lure - $95.00

The Kona Mongo is a bomber bait that can swim a little deeper. The appeal of this large cupped face lure is credited to its deep downward swim... and nerve wracking surface rip. With tournament wins to its credit, this big bait is ideal for all marlin species. Fished as a teaser or rigged with hooks, this bubbling menace will draw action to the spread. Ideal for rough water conditions. Capt Erik


Merlin says ........Respect the ocean, fish hard, and.......


Aloha Lures can be found at:    Pearman Watlington     96 Pitts Bay Road     Hamilton     Bermuda

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