The Original Unbreakable Maui Slammerhead Big Game Trolling Lures are Back!



Crystal Flex Soft Molded Lures

Over the last 5 years, The Maui SlammerHead Lures have become the True Hawaiian Soft head as it has been proven in Hawaii and the world to be
No Ka Oi (the best) !  Maui Slammerheads come in hard resin upon request.

Be prepared for some busy days of fishing,
you'll be jammin' with these Slammers!

White Pearl Lynx 9.5 Skirted Black/Red

Lynx Slanted SlammerHead Size 6.5

Titan The TITAN leaves a firm bubble trail and a great delay surface splash to bring in the Big Boys. Trolled at medium to high speed.

Lt. Blue/Red Eyes Titan 9" Skirted Pink/White- $25.00

Blue Top, White Pearl/Red Eyes Titan 9"Skirted Rainbow - $25.00

Blk Top, White Pearl/Red Eyes Titan 9" Skirted Red-Blk-Silver - $25.00

White Pearl/Red Eyes Titan 9" Skirted Rainbow - $25.00


Preskirted Hard Resin Lures

The head rotates like a wheel, though your skirt stays perfectly horizontal and will not spin giving you a solid hook up every time. The heads action gives you one of the best unique and exciting bubble trail you and the fish will have ever seen. Excellent lure for all flag fish. Endorsed once again by numerous Hawaii charter boat captains and also Inside Sport Fishing the tracker is the only lure you can rig as a lure and have a nice piece of bait strip for scent on your hooks.

6.5" - Preskirted

Paua Play with Yellow-Green Paua Shell

The Paua Play is reversed taper with a slant nose

Little Bugger - Preskirted
Stubby Bullet   5.5"

The Short Bullet has a wider, round nose, smooth sidewinding underwater.

9.5 Bullet - Preskirted
Rootbeer Paua Head / Purple Skirts   

This bullet holds a hefty weight, smooth and straight underwater.

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