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Jeff Reid has been making lures for over 20 years and has established a strong foothold in Australia's fishing landscape. Each lure is handmade with an emphasis in quality control. All lures contain 2 metal rattles and are hand painted. Reidy's Lures are made by an angler specifically for anglers.


The B-52 was introduced into the Reidy's range in March 2001.  This lure has taken the Australian market by storm, and has received remarkable success in the field.
Lure Action : Rolling type action with slow tail beat. Can be used as a trolling or casting lure. Deadly when worked with a twitch of the rod tip. Floater
Lure Length : 125 mm (5"), excluding bib
Hooks : Size No. 1 VMC 9626 PS    Rings : Heavy Duty

Finish : Holographic (Designed to take advantage of the rolling action and because lure depth is 1.5 metre sunlight will flash from the sides.)
Bib is moulded with body preventing break off.

             #REIDY-B52      $12.00

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Most popular of the Reidy's Lures. A wide range of fish species can be taken on this lure. Its ability to be cast or trolled has made this lure one of Australia's all time favorites. Numerous tournament wins. Very fast tail beat.
Diving Depth : 2.5 Metres

$7.60 #REIDY-LL

Lure Length : 60 mm (2.4") w/0 bib
Hooks : 2 x VMC No. 4
Bib is 1.5mm Polycarbonate


Lure is deep diving can be banged across bottom without any fear of breaking bib etc (Very Strong). Designed for getting down amongst the Big ones.

Body Length : 110mm (4.3") w/o bib    Hooks : 2 x No. 1 VMC     Runs : 4 Meters Deep

Daly Devil     #REIDY-Devil     $10.00


Lure has strong tail beat with a little roll. Can handle a very high retrieve speed, and can swim hooks up to 3/0 (2 of), so this lure can be used for either chasing barra or comfortably used offshore for such species as makeral etc.

Body Length : 130mm (5.1") w/o bib    Hooks : 3 x No. 1 VMC     Runs : 2.4 Meters Deep

The Judge     #REIDY-Judge     $10.00

Lure has a rolling tail beat, primarily designed for offshore fishing. (makeral, tune, GT's etc).
Body Length : 170mm (6.6) w/o bib
Includes Hooks : 2 x 3/0 VMC or Mustad
Runs : 5 Meters Deep

BIG BOSS     #REIDY-Boss     $17.00

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 Paul Zorn with nice fish from Scotts Creek.jpg
 Jeff Reid
 Jeff Reid with one of 14 fish caught ranging from 95cm to 117cm
 Jeff Reid with a fairly uncommon QLD juvenile Grouper
 Jeff Reid with a 35lb spot tail bass caught in PNG
 James Reid with Saltwater Barra
 James Reid with a Saratoga caught using Soopa - Bloopa
 Jack Leighton from Tinaroo (QLD) with a World Record fish
 Lionel Egan with floodplains Barra
 Duncan Wilson with one of many Saratoga caught at Corroborree
 Di Zorn with a nice Adelaide River Barra
 Clarkie (The Shiek) with a Treadfin while testing the B52
 Reidy with a 38lb barra while testing the B52.jpg

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