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Visible from 1.3 miles away at 1500' altitude
Leads airborne Search and Rescue personnel right to you.


 LAND           WATER            SNOW

High Visibility Signaling Device remains afloat and extended indefinitely.

Works every time on land, water and snow.

Convenient storage size and unrolls in seconds.

No eletronics, batteries, toxic chemicals or dyes.

Approved for use and procurement for all branches of the US Military.

Simplest, affordable, lightweight lifesaving device for every boater, hiker, airman...etc.

#SURVIVOR   6 in. x 25 ft. (15.24 cm x 7.62 m)       In Mesh Bag   2.5"x7.5"     4.3 oz     $36.00

#SURVIVOR II   6 in. x 25 ft. (15.24 cm x 7.62 m)    In Holster   2"x7"   4.9 oz        $36.00

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"Compared individually or used in concert, Rescuestreamer® represents one of the simplest, yet most effective devices you can use to ensure that you and your family can be found."
-- Capt. James T. Cushman, US Coast Guard (Ret.)

Unstrap velcro flap

Remove Rescuestreamer® Roll

Attach Clip and Unroll

Stays outstretched

Made in Hawaii, USA
U. S. Patent 5,421,287 licensed from SEE/RESCUE
Foreign patents pending.

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