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The material is more abrasion resistant than vinyl floor tiles. Test reports are available on request.
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This product was chosen for use in the floor of the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington.

Also used in the construction industry for cabinetry decoration. Sheet size is 24cm X 14 cm (approx. 9 1/4" X 5 1/2") Custom sized panels up to 8' long X 9" are available by special order.
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Shown here Paua Panel is used as decorative inlay in a solid surface countertop.


Guitar Inlay

Arts and Crafts
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Thin Lam Panel is overlaid on ceramic tile.

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The possible applications for veneer panels is only limited by the creativity of the user, and because of their ease of use compared to traditional Paua shell inlay they have almost zero wastage.

4" x 8" Ceramic Tile

4" x 4" Ceramic Tile
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2" x 8" Ceramic Tile

Paua Shell whole sheet, mosaic,
or designs on ceramic tile

4" x 4" Ceramic Tile

Hawaii Lure Home I Veneers I Crafts I Construction I Lures I Guitars

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