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� Flooring inlayed into concrete, marble and wood � Decorative wall panels, counter tops accents � Cabinetry/woodworking for home and commercial buildings � Cabinetry/woodworking for Boats � Gift items � Guitar and ukulele decoration � Game fish lures � Picture frame decoration � Golf ball markers � Drums � Jewelry BoxesCeramic Tile
Note for Rod Wrapping - use adhesive backing (3M) .....$1.50 per sheet

Our Paua (abalone) Shell veneers are made from the finest grade (A) abalone and oyster shells.

Paua is one of the world's most beautiful shells because of its incredible and intense variation of color.

Paua shells remind us of a kaleidoscope or hologram, with the colors dancing and sparkling as the iridescent patterns of the nacre catch the glints of light when viewed from different angles.

Shell veneer is used in the fishing lure, drums, guitars, knives, cars, boats, crafts, fine marquetry trades and most any hard surface needing decor.
Raw - Natural, no coatings
ThinLam - Clear top coating, clear/colored back coating
Sheet Size: 24cm x 14cm
                   (approx. 9 1/4" x 5 1/2")

Approximate Thickness:
Raw = .012mm
ThinLam = .15mm

Can be cut with simple hobbyist tools, paper cutter, or scissors

Scratch Resistant, Flexible

The paua fishery is managed with a quota system in order to ensure the sustainability of this natural resource. Paua fishers free-dive to pry the mollusk from the rocks. The paua meat is considered a delicacy and the shells are a by-product of catching paua for their meat so all parts of the product are utilized.

Click for Larger Picture Agoya - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Australian Ab - Raw (Aussie)

Click for Larger Picture Pacific Oyster - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Silver Lip Raw - Mother of Pearl

Click for Larger Picture Gold Lip - Raw Raw - Mother of Pearl

Click for Larger Picture Awabi Ribbon - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Mosaic Raw

Click for Larger Picture Awabi - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Angel Wing - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Green Ripple - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Green Abalone EKG - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Tahitian Dark - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Tahitian Light - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Green Sea Snail - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Red Abalone - Raw

Click for Larger Picture Paua - Raw

ThinLamTM Laminates - Coated on Both Sides

The veneer panels are revolutionary because, using only one thin piece of Paua, we've developed a coating process to give the same effect as a much thicker piece of shell. The possible applications for these veneer panels is only limited by the creativity of the user, and because of their ease of use compared to traditional Paua shell inlay they have almost zero wastage. Please note: No returns on Thinlam Coated/Colored veneer.

Aussie Ice Blue # 075

Aussie - Clear Back #073

Aussie - White Back #074

Rootbeer Paua #034

Orange Paua-T2 #020

Angel Wing Purple CL #026

Angel Wing Green-BL #047

Angel Wing Ming Red #032

Teal Paua #007

Angel Wing Rootbeer #014

Natural Paua - BL #030

Angel Wing Dark Blue #046

Angel Wing Ice Blue #036

Angel Wing Teal #001

Mosaic Ice Blue #002
Click picture for larger view

Mosaic Black/Gray #003

Mosaic Red #037

Silver Lip / White Back #008

Silver Lip / Clear Back #054

Silver Lip / Gold Tone #004

Silver Lip - BrownCatBack #010

Silver Lip - Mint Green #076

Silver Lip - Gray #009

Silver Lip - Copper #015

Silver Lip - Hot Yellow #017

Silver Lip - Gold #019

Silver Lip - Red/Red #035

Angel Wing Powder Pink - Light #006

Green Rippled Abalone - White Back #045

Green Rippled Abalone - Clear Back #056

Blue Paua - BL #005

Green Paua - BL #013

Red Paua - BL #039

Yellow Paua - BL #023

Burpule Paua #022

Purple Paua #021

Orange Paua #018

Awabi - Clear Back #053

Awabi - White Back #016

Awabi - Ice Blue #025

Black Ripple #028

Angel Wing White Back #033

Angel Wing Clear Back #057

Mosaic White #038

Mosaic Clear Back #058

Green Abalone - Clear Back #060EKG

Green Abalone - White Back #059EKG

Tahitian Dark #049

Tahitian Dark - Black Back #049B

Tahitian Light #050

Tahitian Light - White Back #050WB

Mex Green Heart - Clear Back #040

Mex Green Heart - Dark Back #040D

Green Sea Snail - White Back #012

Green Sea Snail - Clear Back #061

Green Sea Snail - Black Back #027

Green Sea Snail - Ice Blue #029

Red Abalone - White Back #024

Red Abalone - Clear Back #062

Red Abalone - Black Tone #011

Red Abalone - Ice Blue #031

Paua - Clear Back #063

Pink Paua - PB #041

Yellow Paua - YB #043

Rippled Ab / Yellow #044

Silver Lip - Yellow #051

Angel Wing Orange #048

Angel Wing Hot Pink #042

Star Flake Natural Abalone #080

Star Flake White Abalone #081

Star Flake Deep Pink Abalone #082

Star Flake Deep Red Abalone #083

Star Flake Natural White Pearl #084

Star Flake Galaxy Blue Pearl #085

Star Flake Hot Rod Red Pearl #086

Star Flake Powder Pink Pearl #087

Star Flake Sunset Orange Pearl #088

Star Flake Grape Pearl #089

Star Flake Ice Blue Pearl #090

Star Flake Blue Abalone #091

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