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Rooster Cape

Bugger Pack

The ultimate in dry fly tying! With long supple quills and incredible barb density capable of tying down to size 26 and even smaller, Whiting Genetic Dry Fly Hackle is the connoisseur?s choice for fly tying. This product line derives it heritage from the legendary Hoffman grizzly super hackle stock. Only Whiting Farms has this incredible genetic stock to offer you.

Whiting Dry Fly Hackle capes are graded by the following criteria:
Printable Color Chart 2005-06 (.pdf)

  • For the collector. The pinnacle of genetic progress by Dr. Whiting. Rare. Must Inquire as to Availability.
  • GOLD
  • Extremely high quality dry fly hackle with particular emphasis on the hard to find tiny midge hackle sizes; #24 and smaller. For the most demanding fly tier.
  • Additionally strong in the overall length and density of the cape feathers. Better than anything produced by any other hackle producer.
  • Excellent quality and adequate for nearly all tiers. As good as or often better than any other hackle brand?s #1 cape.
  • Bugger Packs
  • Bugger Pack feathers offer the tier an extremely long and naturally tapered feather with super-fine barbs, tapered webbing and supple quill. This type of feather is perfect for palmering woolly bugger style flies of all sizes.

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