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Date Fishing Report
State - Country
June 2007 An 1140 lb black marlin, caught on Moana 111 charter of Cairns on the 6/11/2007 with a bluedog junior lure. Moana Fishing Charters Queenlands, Australia
August 2006 A 600lb bluefin tuna caught off the west coast of Greymouth, on a Bluedog, big cuban lure. Other fish tagged 500lb , 580 lb , 420 lb and a beautiful 640 lb. Regards,Craig Watson South Island off New Zealand
July 2006 On board the Sundowner, Captain Erik and ship mate Agnes catch a Grander - 1027 pound marlin on an Aloha Lures Smashbait Kona, Hawaii
May 2006 1 of many Mahi caught off Kaumalapau Harbor. Scott Northart, 30 lb range ?200?of water. Lanai City, Hawaii
February 2006 Chris Rupe helped coordinate a trip for 13 guys to Campo San Nicholas for a "Let's Talk Hookup" sponsored trip mid February. He was rewarded with this 70 lb. Amberjack that was caught on a Kicker 25 Heavy jig, a Pro Gear reel and Calstar rod. He also had several Yellowtail to 46 pounds and a couple more jacks. He said the jigs out fished bait by a long shot. Pictured is Chris Rube using a Kicker Jig. Campo San Nicholas
August 2005 Hey everyone I just wanted to send these pictures of the fish we caught this week. The two good pictures (blue_transom_ss.jpg, blue_markie_ss.jpg ) are of the the fish that was around 500, nice and litup. The other 2 are of the fish that was over 124" estamated at 625-700 (MARUNDER.JPG, lawton_marlin_head.JPG ). The big girl came up on an Aloha after not getting a good hook in her she charged the sailfish bait.(a dink on 80lbs 6' leader) and after 1.5 hours fight we released her. The photo of her sinking away is the only decent shot we got. Michael Mattson, Lowcountry Sportfishing Charleston. South Carolina
June 2005 Caught close to Maui 06/18/05 by charter Captain "Killer" Kellam and crew Matt Kellam. 773.6 pounds aboard "Tale Walker" a Bertram 31 Maui, Hawaii
August 2004 Captain Darin Isaacs aboard the Sundowner captures a 508 lb. marlin in the 18th Annual Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament August 20-22, 2004 Kona, Hawaii
August 2004 Bill DePriest of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine catch a sailfish using Aloha Lures Foxy Disco in Southern California, 8/04. Off Catalina Island
July 2004 Michael Ordenstein out on the Tommy D catches a 42 lb. bull mahi on his "Beauty" going out to the L Buoy (7/21) and a 20 lb. mahi (7/19) Windward Oahu, Hawaii
July 2004 A nice 7 1/2 pound Calico Bass caught yesterday at Catalina Island on the new "Peacock" color by Bight Kicker Jigs. Pictured: Benny Florentino, Pro Staff for Shimano, Kicker Jigs and Fish Trap Swimbaits   Expedition  Photo 1    Photo 2 Catalina Island
June 2004 Recently Kicker Jigs donated some Kicker Glow Squid Jigs for a 3 month Bigeye Tuna tagging project. The results were outstanding with numerous Bigeye tuna caught in the 30 - 100 lb. range. The jigs were attached to lift poles and they worked extremely well for the project.   Expedition  Photo 1    Photo 2 Along the Equator
May 2004 Erik aka: Merlin of Aloha lures. No fish on the dock first day Wednesday, but his team was in second place with 2 releases. One on a medium beauty and one on a smash bait and a pulled hook on the EZ Nut. Bahamas
May 2004 TJ Valdez of Valdez Painting and Aquila Sotelo caught Aweo, pufferfish, and papio shorecasting with a Tiki Lure. Oahu
April 2004 The wahoo can't seem to leave the Malolo Magics alone...DeMako @ www.fishbermuda.com Bermuda
April 2004 10 Mahimahi on Maui Slammerhead "Titan" Maui
March 2004 Mahimahi on Aloha Lures Ninja and Malolo Fish Head Kaneohe
March 2004 Aloha Jan! I'm glad to tell you that I caught the first fishes with Jaslure's feather! A nice 40 pounds Mahi-mahi (the largest I caught!) and a good 32 pounds Wahoo! Please find the pictures attached. Swimmers are still virgin. Mahalo! Regards from Brazil! Jos? Brazil
January 2004 Dorado and Wahoo were caught on Jaslures 12" blue/white pearl head swimmers and the Dorado were caught on 6oz trolling plug purple/black and 8" swimmer green/black. It was a cloudy day and they were really biting on dark colors. No one else was catching anything. We also released a blue marlin. Cabo
May 2003 This fish was caught with an Aloha Lures E.L.O. in the Bahamas. This is one of three marlin landed in two days of fishing. Catch the Magic... Bahamas
February 2003 James and Jimmy score a natagi marlin on Aloha Lures Mistake Waianae, Hawaii
February 2003 Aloha Lures Ninja and Malolo Magic bring up 8 mahi (dorado). Kaneohe, Hawaii
January 2003 Jaslures are busy in Cabo this year! Mike caught 4 Marlin (released), an 80lb Wahoo, Tuna, and Dorado.. A friend of mine was just in Cabo two weeks ago and released a Marlin and caught Tuna and a Thrasher shark. (Stephanie Lory) Cabo
January 2003 Hi Jan, I bought a "Mistake" from you for my dads Christmas present. On January 9 we got the chance to try it out. We left Waianae heading straight out on what was a very slow day. Everyone was moaning about no strikes all day. At about 20 miles out the center rigger with the Mistake came down and scored a 10# Aku. At about 28 miles out we took a 4 banger Ahi of which we got 3 and the Mistake scored 1 of them. We packed up early and headed home. Not bad for the fist trip and can't wait for the next. Thanks for a good lure that we can count on. Oh yea, the lure sustained no damage. Hawaii
January 2003 Gary Madrid tries out his new Aloha Lures Malolo Magic off of Kaneohe.......two 15 lb mahi ! Hawaii
December 2002 Jaslures catch 14 Dorado and 'Tags and Releases" 2 Marlin Cabos
November 2002 Aloha Lures Beauty catches wahoo outside Waikiki.... Hawaii
October 2002 Lava LuresCaught this 40 pound "Hebi" 13 October between FAD's "U" and "MM" on a Black Pearl, Yellow with Wiggle Eye, Scoop Face Lava Lure. Scott Hawaii
October 2002 Aloha Lures Plenty Aku on the Ninja! Kaneohe, Hawaii
September 2002 Jaslures wins the San Carlos Invitational Tournament with the 14" Brown/Orange Pusher . San Carlos, Mexico
August 2002 Gary Madrid scores consistently with the SlammerHead catching aku, mahi and ono. . Lanikai, Hawaii
September 2002 Billy Enfinger and Captain Steve Jones catches Wahoo on the Aloha Lure Mirrors..... . Pensacola, Florida
September 2002 Mike Ables is racking up the Tuna with the Aloha Lures Beauty . Marshal Islands
April 2002 Sid and friends On Thursday 6am, Edmund King Of El Cerrito and Sid, a knowledgeable fishing guide on Lake Berryessa, ventured to do battle. Fishing was so good we stayed out till 7pm releasing 3 bass over 4lb full of eggs plus many 2lbders. We stopped to catch cats so I showed him what to look for set up his rod,and I threw it out for him . Four minutes later a 4 lb cat ! . Now its Saturday morning, Bill, his 16 year old son Dan, and I venture again to do more battle. We went to one of my favorite spots to practice. First hour - Dan said, "Pop, I have 6 bass to your 2." Dan was ahead all day till we went to Points near the Bureau of Reclamation, wind blowing a chill in the air when Bill hooked a 7lb6oz female Large Mouth Bass. After taking pictures we released the fish so she could spawn. (Sid at www.fishingconnection.net ) . California
April 27, 2002 Scott Merritt, Peter Marsh and friend hit it big with their Lanikai Lures! . Hawaii
September 17, 2001 R.T. Ebesu caught this 20 lb. mahi at the HK buoy about 10 miles out from Hakalau Mill on our first pass. This is just 1 out of the 7 we caught that day! . Hilo, Hawaii
August 16, 2001 Aboard the Julie T II with a 6-jet scooped lure, my friend Kurt Nakayama caught his first ahi weighing in at 110 pounds! This was perfect timing as it was 2 days before he was getting married. I brought a bunch of my lures on board for the day. The lure was in the water not more than 10 min. before the ahi hit the short corner. Made for a nice picture in the wedding video. Waianae, Hawaii
May 2001 Here's 3 nice Ahi caught last May. . Kwajalein
August 2001 Here's a 265# Blue that we caught on the outside of an Ahi school. . Kwajalein
July 2001 William goes out on the 17' LOGIC and reels in Tuna with a 7" jet lure, 90 Penn reel with 80 lb test line. Kailua, Hawaii
June 2001 Blue Marlin landed by Chuck Power. South Carolina
July 2001 Chuck Power and another Blue Marlin South Carolina
July 2001 Maikai lands the Ono. Kauai - Hawaii
April 2001 Bobby Nottage lands a Mahi and a Tuna. Kaneohe - Hawaii
March 2001 Bachman Philippe and Pascal catch a 330 lb. marlin. ~ Click for picture Bora Bora - French Polynesia
May 2000 Henry Ellacott, Bachmann Philippe, Franky Ortas This was the first prize for the Bora Bora Fishing Club tournament. About 1 hour of fight on 80 lbs line. The marlin went deep, no jump. Franky fought him about 45 minutes to make him tired and draw him nearer. About 30 feet from the boat, the marlin came out of the water in a big splash. Ouahhhhh!!!! Then dove again for another 15 minutes of fight. Took 3 of us to push it into the boat - a 19 foot, 194 kg poti marara, local made. Bora Bora - French Polynesia
July 2000 Tom Henson A 45 lb Mahi caught 20 miles south of Pearl Harbor Hawaii. Pearl Harbor - Hawaii

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