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Craig Watson

Scott Northart

Capt Erik Rusnak

Caught close to Maui 06/18/05 by charter Captain "Killer" Kellam and crew Matt Kellam. 773.6 pounds aboard "Tale Walker" a Bertram 31, Ph 808 244 2123
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Eric Neiman and Benny Florentino, they fished at San Clemente Island January 1, 2005 for some awesome Yellowtail fishing. The 2 of them they landed approximately 25 Yellowtail and hooked over 40 fish ranging between 12 - 30 pounds. All the Yellowtail were caught on either a Kicker 25 Light- Senorita pattern or on an Iron Man "Candyman" surface jig in a prototype Scrambled Egg pattern.

On the Iron - Chris Rupe shown with an Amberjack and Pete Gray is holding a Yellowtail, both were on a trip last week in Bahia de San Nicholas, Baja. They caught several Yellowtail, Amberjack and Cabrilla using Textured - Kicker 25 Heavies.

Kicker Jigs

Michael Ordenstein 2004

Michael Ordenstein July 2004

Chupu Charters Ahi June 2004
Yellowfin Ahi, Chupu Charters
Chupu Charters Ahi June 2004
Haleiwa, Hawaii,

Mahi and Tuna

caught on

Erik's Mistake

Marlin seek the

Smash Bait!

Caught with a Smash Bait

Kicker Jigs
25 lb. Yellowtail caught on a KICKER 25 Mackerel pattern.
Benny Florentino Pro Staff / Shimano - Kicker Jigs - Fish Trap swimbaits , 2004
Matthew Guiley
Matt caught this mahi 15 miles off the coast of Miami on June 18, 2004

Jose Hauer's 40 pound Mahi-mahi, Brazil (3/2004) Brazil, 32 pound Wahoo on a Jaslure Feather  (3/2004)
Cabo, 2004 w/Jaslures Cabo. 2004 w/Jaslures
Florida, May 2002 Florida. May 2002
Baja - KickerJig Bronze 25
Caught 0n Hawaii Lure's Rubber Squid, Massachusettes

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