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Premier Fly Tying Feathers for the World
  • The mission of Whiting Farms, from its inception in 1989, is to become THE provider of the highest quality fly tying feathers for the tiers of the world. Dry fly hackle was the initial focus of the company, and today Whiting Farms produces an array of the highest quality dry fly hackle. Feathers which are:

  • Broad
  • Long
  • Densely Webbed
  • Round Tipped
  • Firm, sturdy quill
  • Our capes are very heavily feathered, well washed, expertly dyed and professionally graded. Fly tying is a creative process. To inspire additional creativity several novel color patterns have been genetically incorporated into the development of Whiting American wet fly hackle. These laced and boldly marked feathers will surely inspire new fly patterns and techniques. Whiting Farms Inc. has brought to the world the first genetic wet fly hackle.

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